Steps For Writing A Wedding Speech

The prime directive when fashioning a wedding day speech is the caveat that you want to personalize this presentation as much as possible. Including a joke or two is fine, but keep to the task of making this speech about a particular bride and groom. Following these simple steps should keep you on task.

Understand these basic and fundamental steps proficiently in your wedding speech.


Remember to thank the parents for the wedding itself. Not only did they grow beautiful children, they have sponsored the day itself, and should be acknowledged fully and properly.


After a serious beginning, many speech givers choose this moment to interject a joke or talk about the circumstances of meeting the bride or groom. It is wise to have given this some thought to ensure you are selecting the very best memory to include in your speech.


Before you start a new topic, you may want to use this transition time for another joke. Perhaps this is the place for a slightly lengthier joke or a personal story about the newlyweds. Again, after finishing the joke, alternate with a more serious statement of why you feel these two are a strong couple, meant for each other. Check to make sure you have included enough personal information about the bride and groom to make it meaningful to them.

You may include jokes and stories in your wedding speech, but always return to personal memories you share with the happy couple.


As you finish your speech, be sure to thank all of those who have made this day possible, from the parents, the bride and groom themselves, and even the professionals responsible. It is polite to acknowledge those who have traveled some distance and made a strong effort to attend. Also try and personally acknowledge a few close family members from both the bride’s side and then the groom’s side. Again, humor is acceptable here as well, but your final comment should be positive and heartfelt, as you invite everyone to toast the bride and groom.


There are no hardcore guidelines for a wedding speech, and you can feel free to deviate in any way you feel is appropriate for the day. Remembering the most important elements – keeping it personal, thanking the important participants, and expressing hopeful sentiments for the future – you will have composed a speech you will be proud to stand and deliver come the wedding day itself.